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massage champagne rose bed white bed massage beds
massage champagne rose bed white bed massage beds

Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

$110/1 Hr. or $160/1.5 Hr.

Aromatherapy is a healing art of multifaceted dimensions which uses the essential oils of plants—flowers, nuts, seeds leaves and bark—to promote healing. It assists the body in achieving a state of balance so that healing can occur. The essential oils are inhaled and also applied to the body by various applications.

What are essential oils? They are plant essences found in various constituents of plants and are ONLY produced in nature—they are the “blueprint” of the particular plant to which they belong.

Clinical aromatherapy, when combined with massage, maximizes the healing power of the massage itself. It is an ancient art which has developed into a modern approach to total well being that is in tune with nature.

As long ago as 3,000 BC people were aware of the power of scent—burning incense was one of the earliest methods of releasing aromas. The Chinese were one of the first cultures to use aromatherapy and they described the 6 “Harmonies” created by incense. They were: Tranquil, Reclusive, Luxurious, Beautiful, Refined, Noble—they believed this harmony was necessary to achieve ‘balance.’

Around 4,500 BC the Egyptians started using aromatherapy in curative medicine—Egypt was the cradle of the sciences. Later the Greeks and Romans used aromatic herbs profusely and the Romans spread their use throughout England and Europe.

Clinical aromatherapy combines perfectly with massage in the bodily application of essential oils diluted in carrier oils. The oils are custom blended for each client, depending on their current needs. The essential oils are of a therapeutic grade and are applied in different ways, depending on the desires/needs of the client. The goal of using essential oils in massage can be both curative and preventive and will always assist in getting the body back into balance.